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CLINICAN Girona joins the UNAVETS Group

The Clinican veterinary clinic and canine reproduction and fertility center joins the UNAVETS family. Clinican is a veterinary center located near the city of Girona that has been serving the local community for more than 20 years.

The team is comprised of five veterinarians, two assistants and a groomer specialist, led by Clinical Director Ricard Córdoba, an expert and national reference in reproduction. The clinic has two fully equipped consultation rooms, a pre-operative room and an operating room, an X-ray room, a color Doppler ultrasound, a laboratory, rigid endoscopy, dental cleaning devices, monitoring and hospitalization, as well as offering the services of a specialized food and accessories store and a dog grooming salon.

Clinican is also a canine reproduction and fertility center and is the exclusive representative for Spain of the CLONE USA system for freezing and refrigeration of canine semen. It offers a reference service for veterinarians and breeders in all aspects related to assisted reproduction.

Irene Marco, Director of Operations, comments, "Clinican is a well-known reference nationally for reproduction and genetics in addition to being a well known veterinary practice in the Girona region.  We look forward to working with Ricard to continue to grow his platform.”  

Ricard Córdoba, Clinical Director of Clinican, states, "The incorporation to the UNAVETS Group will mean a reinforcement in the training and communication of our team, to improve our specialties and enhance our services."

Clinican is the eighth center in the Northeast region of Spain to add to UNAVETS’ cluster in this region alongside Alella, Cabrils, Anubis and Diagnòstic Veterinary Clinics and Garbí, Abat Marcet and Lleida Veterinary Hospitals.


About the UNAVETS Group

The UNAVETS Group (“UNAVETS”) is a leading veterinary healthcare group with 99 practices across Spain and Portugal. UNAVETS is comprised of reference/specialized centers, 24-hour hospitals, primary opinion clinics and vet offices, which guarantee a complete service offering. Its growth strategy started with a focus on Iberia but has since expanded to other European countries and the United States, as well as adjacent verticals synergistic with veterinary healthcare. UNAVETS differentiates via heavy investment in science-led clinical training, equipment and clinic business support; continuing to push the envelope in favor of advanced veterinary care. For more information please visit: https://www.unavets.com.


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