CLINICAN Girona joins the UNAVETS Group

The Clinican veterinary clinic and canine reproduction and fertility center joins the UNAVETS family

UNAVETS celebrates its Second SUMMIT 2022 Congress, gathering more than 130 attendees that make up the group from Spain and Portugal

From November 28th to 30th, the second Annual SUMMIT 2022 Convention of the UNAVETS Group took...

Leiria Veterinary Hospital integrates Onevet (Unavets Group)

The Leiria Veterinary Hospital has joined the ONEVET Group (part of the UNAVETS Group), reinforcing...

UNAVETS Receives €116 million Financing from Ares Management to Support Growth

The UNAVETS Group (“UNAVETS”), the leading veterinary healthcare group with 90+ practices across...

The Veterinary Medical Institute of Álava (IMVA) Joins the UNAVETS Group

The Veterinary Medical Institute of Álava is the most recent addition to the UNAVETS Group....

Tropical Manises joins the UNAVETS group

The Tropical Manises veterinary clinic and pet store is the latest addition in the Levante area to...

The Gat i Gos veterinary center, the most recent addition to the UNAVETS group

The Gat i Gos veterinary clinic in Gandía (Valencia) is the most recent addition to the UNAVETS...

Enrique Cardona is appointed Country Manager of UNAVETS Spain and and COO of UNAVETS Group

Enrique Cardona is the new COO of UNAVETS Group and Country Manager of UNAVETS Spain, a leading...

The 24hr Garbí Hospital, the latest addition to the UNAVETS Group

The 24hr Garbí Hospital located in the vicinity of Mataró, in the greater Barcelona region, is the...

The Tartanga Veterinary Group joins UNAVETS

The Tartanga veterinary group in Bilbao has recently joined the UNAVETS Group, a leading veterinary...

The VALVET Veterinary Centers are incorporated into UNAVETS

The Valvet veterinary centres located in Northern Spain in Zaragoza, are the latest addition to the...

Vet Clinic Vet R'in Area integrates Onevet (UNAVETS Group)

The Vet R'in Area Veterinary Clinic, a practice led by Pedro Azadinho and Sofia Azadinho, located...