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UNAVETS Continues to Grow with the Incorporation of Mundocan, Consolidating Its Presence in the Integral Care of Pets in Madrid

Mundocan, a veterinary clinic with more than 32 years of experience in providing veterinary services, joins the UNAVETS network of veterinary clinics. This partnership strengthens UNAVETS' presence in the Madrid Region and reaffirms its commitment to the integral well-being of pets.

Led by Juan Manuel Martín, with a team of five highly trained veterinarians and assistants and specialized technology, Mundocan offers a wide range of services, from general medical consultations and surgeries to diagnostic imaging. It also offers services such as endoscopies, clinical analysis with its own laboratory, and hospitalization.

Mundocan has two well-equipped consultation rooms to provide the best care for pets, along with a fully equipped operating room, radiology and hospitalization service, and a store that offers quality products for animal welfare.

Commenting on his integration into UNAVETS, Juan Manuel expressed his enthusiasm for being part of a network of clinics committed to excellence in veterinary care. "The transition to UNAVETS has been exceptionally smooth, both for me and my team. The group has shown great respect for our way of working and has provided us with support throughout the process. In addition, we have been given more opportunities for training and professional development."

Enrique Cardona, COO and Country Manager for Spain at UNAVETS, stated: "We are pleased to welcome Mundocan to our network of veterinary clinics. Its long history and commitment to quality care make Mundocan a valuable addition to our UNAVETS family. Together, we will continue to offer exceptional veterinary services and improve the lives of pets and their families."


The UNAVETS Group ("UNAVETS") is a leading veterinary group with more than 135 clinics in Spain and Portugal. UNAVETS is made up of referral/specialized centers, 24-hour hospitals, and primary care clinics, which guarantee a wide range of veterinary care services.

UNAVETS' growth strategy began by focusing on Iberia, but has since expanded to other European countries and the United States, as well as to adjacent verticals that are synergistic with veterinary care.

UNAVETS is distinguished by its strong investment in clinical scientific training, equipment, facilities, and business support for clinics, as well as its commitment to innovation to further support advanced veterinary care. For more information, visit: https://www.unavets.com/.

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