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Summary of OneAcademy Trainings by UNAVETS in September

In September, UNAVETS' OneAcademy platform offered three exciting trainings for veterinary professionals. These trainings covered various essential topics in the veterinary field, from abdominal ultrasound to clinical training and soft tissue surgery.

Here is a summary of these enriching learning experiences:

1.    Workshop on "Clinical Keys of Abdominal Ultrasound Examination" - Diagnosfera, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.

This training was led by two experts in abdominal ultrasound, Pedro Esteve, Director of Diagnosfera, and Damián Nieto, Veterinary Graduate from the University of Murcia and GPCert in DI from ESVPS. The focus was on abdominal ultrasound examination, including basic assessment, systematic evaluation, positioning, image enhancement, and examples of common pathologies in daily clinical practice.

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2.    Clinical Training ACV's Day - Bierzoo Hospital, Cabañas Raras, León.

This training, conducted by Erika Cornejo, Coordinator of Assistants at the UAB's HCV and certified by the Academy of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Technicians and Nurses (AVECCTN), covered topics such as blood pressure in feline patients, wound management and bandaging, types of sutures, and practical exercises in bandaging, suturing, intubation, catheterisation, and more.

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3.    Soft Tissue Surgery - Review of Clinical Cases - Nueva Andalucía Veterinarios, Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz.

The soft tissue surgery training was conducted by Jorge Llinás, Director and Head of Surgery at Anicura Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital. Jorge is a university specialist in veterinary maxillofacial surgery and has contributed to bloodless surgery. This session reviewed clinical cases and explored the basic principles of head and neck surgery.

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In addition to these trainings, in September there were training sessions on "Communication in the Veterinary Clinic and Customer Journey" led by Jaime Díaz, Director of Marketing at UNAVETS. These sessions, led by an experienced professional with over 30 years in the animal health sector, have been held throughout 2023 at UNAVETS centres and continue after the summer. In September, they took place at veterinary clinics such as Los Madrazo in Madrid, Valvet in Zaragoza, NA Veterinarios (Jerez), and Quirino.

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About OneAcademy

OneAcademy is the UNAVETS Group's training platform that offers practical courses, face-to-face conferences, online courses, specialised working groups, internships and more specialised certifications such as postgraduate courses, for veterinarians and veterinary assistants who wish to update and expand their knowledge.

This training platform reflects UNAVETS' commitment to providing high quality continuing education and growth opportunities for veterinary professionals.

UNAVETS has offered more than 60 training sessions to veterinarians on ultrasound, radiology and echocardiology, CT, neurology, internal medicine, anaesthesia, dentistry, surgery and communication. More than 1,400 veterinarians and 390 assistants have attended the 10 training centres located throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

José Ramón Escribano, Senior Advisor of the UNAVETS Group comments that "training is important not only for the group and for the sector, but also for the individual development of people. For this reason, UNAVETS provides all the necessary resources so that the growth of all staff, assistants, veterinarians, receptionists, administrative staff, etc. is a reality both scientifically and humanly. The integral training of people is the lever for growth and development and we are working on it".

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