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The UNAVETS Group's Commitment to Veterinary Development and Training

For the UNAVETS Group, a group with more than 63 veterinary centers in the Iberian Peninsula, clinical veterinary training is a fundamental pillar. The knowledge of its employees is the greatest capital of the company and especially when it comes to the veterinary sector, a sector which is significantly changing and evolving at the moment. UNAVETS fosters a culture of learning, bringing innovation, inspiration and advancements, as well as reinforcing employees’ sense of belonging.

Being part of the UNAVETS Group has many advantages so that clinics can focus exclusively on clinical work and animal healthcare and wellbeing. The Group offers support in the financial, operational, human resources and marketing areas. Likewise, it also offers training and development with veterinary experts and specialists, who share their knowledge in seminars and workshops, and a clinical advisory committee that guides the Group on the latest advances in healthcare.

During 2021, UNAVETS offered a total of 21 trainings, both theoretical and practical, open to its more than 550 employees.

  • What were the topics discussed? The topics discussed were very diverse, offering a wide range of relevant training content, from sessions on feline medicine, taught by Marisa Palmero, through advances in Leishmania with Gloria Pol, to osteosynthesis plates taught by Felipe de Vicente. Other areas covered were: diagnostic imaging, paincontrol/anesthesia, orthopedics, feline expertise, chronic kidney disease, stem cell therapy, canine mastopathy treatment, kennel cough syndrome, brachycephalic syndrome, and more.
  • What format were the trainings? Both online and face-to-face workshops, although these were limited due to the current global health situation. We provided wet lab sessions with Miguel Ángel Cabezas on anesthesia, with Felipe de Vicente on veterinary osteosynthesis plates, Pedro Esteve on echocardiography and with Xavier Moll on locoregional anesthesia. During the course of 2022 UNAVETS plans to resume these face-to-face workshops if the COVID-19 situation allows it. However, all training sessions are recorded and available to all UNAVETS Group centres as most sessions have been conducted online from the Group’s recording studio.
  • What will UNAVETS offer in 2022? In addition to the training programs and courses, we have a real interest in significantly investing both time and resources into the UNAVETS training platform. We also have a dedicated training and wetlab area in the Veterios Referral Hospital (located in Madrid), which is launching in May 2022. We will continue to explore other investment possibilities as we continue to grow.

About the UNAVETS Group

The UNAVETS Group, now one of the largest veterinary healthcare groups in Iberia, has over 550 professionals working across 63 veterinary centres, 29 in Spain and 34 in Portugal, continuing its rapid expansion. Plans are in place to continue its growth strategy in Iberia and across Europe, The Group is focused on supporting the practices with its “shared services” model – providing marketing, finance, operations, purchasing, HR, and IT support to all of its practices. In parallel, the Group continues to innovate and develop new lines of service, enhance digital engagement with its customers, and promote collaboration and ongoing professional development and veterinary training of the clinical teams.

UNAVETS was funded in December 2019 with funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management L.P. ("Oaktree"). Oaktree is a leader among global investment managers specializing in alternative investments, with $158 billion under management in assets as of September 30, 2021. Oaktree Europe manages more than €5.6 billion in assets under management.


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