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UNAVETS is pleased to announce that Maria Wilhelm is joining as special advisor to the UNAVETS board

Maria brings a wealth of experience from across the technology, sustainability, and media sectors, and is a passionate advocate for environmental and biodiversity causes.

Maria is co-chair of CAMERON GLOBAL and has been instrumental in the company’s growth. She's held senior positions in the media and technology sectors throughout her career, leading or advising corporate development teams at Time Warner, Netscape, AOL, and Microsoft. She has structured financings, led acquisitions, and developed strategies for accelerated growth and value-creation for early-stage ventures. Throughout her career, she has built a reputation for her ability to align financial strategies with business goals, optimize financial performance, and identify strategic opportunities.

A division of CAMERON GLOBAL, Maria runs Earthship, a documentary unit dedicated to projects that address climate change, celebrate oceans, and champion nature. Productions span the Emmy Award-winning climate change series Years of Living Dangerously; The Game Changers; the award-winning short she directed, AKASHINGA: The Brave Ones; and Secrets of the Whales, which won the Emmy for Best Documentary Series in 2021. A National Geographic/Disney franchise, the Secrets series continues with Secrets of the Elephants, which launched on Earth Day 2023, and will appear annually with Secrets of the Octopus in 2024, followed by Penguins and Bees.

Maria also functions as executive director of the Avatar Alliance Foundation, which promotes science-based solutions that advance the availability of clean energy, enable healthy oceans, protect and preserve biodiversity and support sustainable food systems. 

Among her other philanthropic commitments, Maria is a vice-chair at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; a trustee of the African Wildlife Foundation; a board member of the TBA21 Foundation; and a director emeritus of The Explorers Club. 

As UNAVETS continues its expansion across Europe, Maria’s insight and counsel will be a major benefit in helping advance our One Health commitment to healthy vets, healthy pets, and a healthy planet.

UNAVETS is going through a period of rapid growth. In just over three years since our establishment, we have acquired over 105 practices and have over 1,100 team members. By the end of 2023, we are expecting to have 140 practices within the group.


About UNAVETS Group

The UNAVETS Group ("UNAVETS") is a leading veterinary group with 107 practices in Spain and Portugal. UNAVETS is made up of reference/specialized centers, 24-hour hospitals, primary opinion clinics and veterinary offices, which guarantee a complete range of services.

UNAVETS’ growth strategy began by focusing on Iberia, but has since expanded to other European countries and the United States, as well as adjacent verticals synergistic with veterinary healthcare. UNAVETS is distinguished by its strong investment in scientific clinical training, equipment, facilities and business support for clinics as well as its commitment to pushing the boundaries in favor of advanced veterinary care. For more information, visit: https://www.unavets.com/




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