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Anaesthesia training session held at Veterios

On 23rd February, we ran a training session focused on Small Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

The session was delivered by Filippo Montefiori, Head of Anaesthesia and Analgesia at UNAVETS’ referral hospital, Veterios, and was titled, ‘Practical cases of sedation.’

Filippo has been dedicated to veterinary anaesthesia since 2011, undertaking his internship at the University of Liverpool in the UK. He completed his residency in veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School.

The session was full to capacity and featured a high level of participation, with the attendees helping to solve cases that Filippo had encountered throughout his career. 

At the end of the day, participants enjoyed a cocktail and toured Veterios’ hospital facilities. The training session was sponsored by Dechra, with the collaboration of Nuzoa.

This is a great example of UNAVETS’ focus on lifelong learning for all our clinical staff, across our 100+ practices in Spain and Portugal. We employ some of the finest vets in Europe, so we place a real emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, training and mentorship, ensuring our team are constantly learning from each other.  



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